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Daniel 'DD' Cossi

I've Been Working My Whole Life, After Graduate In Computer Science And A Master In Artificial Intelligence, In Private Third Party Companies And Companies Of My Own, For The Last 12 Years I Am Working Exclusively On Digital Sports, Creating Projects Aiming Innovation & Education. I Have Coordinated Investments To Digital Sports Ecosystem, And Works Related To Digital Sports Legislation And Regulation, Business Management Models, Financial Models, Education Models And Social Inclusion Programs And Motivational Speeches.

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Just a Glympse of My Life

In 2010 began a process of market research in the still new electronic sport, better known at the time as electronic games. Upon completion of the marketing study both in Brazil and around the world, he saw that the opportunity to generate standards and legislation of this category, as well as its recognition in various national and international areas would then be a necessity within a few years.

The first actions were the creation of a women's esports team, and the creation of the National Electronic Sports League (at level Brazil and the world). Promoting small competitions initially, and later negotiating representation and operation as CEO of an International Championship with finals and headquarters in China, the well known World Cyber Arena (WCA) between 2015 and 2018.

In 2015 drafted together with São Paulo State Parliamentary, a State Bill for the recognition of electronic sport as a regular sport category and its practitioners as regular athletes.

Education and Innovation

First Esports MBA Certified
In European Commonwealth

DANIEL COSSI has been invited to become the General Director of the MASTERS and MBA Esports Course of the University of Catalunya / EUNCET Business School. The course is the first in the world to have a certification official to the European Educational System and for the Commonwealth. WESCO has partnered to offer his full know how and share it’s own esports university course to implement Euncet Master and MBA ourse .

History & Legacy

Creating standards for Esports.

Through years I have founded orgnaizations such as Panamerican Esports Confederation (PAMESCO), World Esports Consortium (WESCO). 

And I have co-founded others such as AESA (African Esports Association), Caribbean Island and Central America Esports Confederarion (CACESCO), and I was CEO of private esports companies such as World Cyber Arena (WCA) and Empire Esports Ltd.

Billionaire Projects

From Esports Cities
To Different Venues.

Hainan Esports City. An investment of 2.3 billions dollars, with my presidency at Venture WESCO Company based in Hong Kong. Venture Wesco Group also took advantage of the trend from the operation and management of traditional entertainment and sports events to the professional field of e sports and the whole industry to carry out innovative project research and development and investment transformation.

Movies and TV Shows

Merchadising & Mentorship

I was hired as a consultant to Warner Bros Brazil and New Line Cinema, for the cinematic trilogy The Lord of the Rings in 1997 and later The Hobbit in 2012. In addition to being a consultant, I was a the translation reviewer for the movies and trailers subtitles, and I was the designer and creation of each licensed product for the two trilogy movies.

Later I was invited to be judge and mentor on a TV Reality Show, called The Battle of Startups, das Startups”, broadcasted nationaly in Brasil by Record News.

Some Positions

WESCO (Founder, CEO & Chairman).
PAMESCO (Founder, Former Pres., Board Chairman).
IESF (VP & Board Member).
CECC (Board Member).
CBDEL (Founder & President), and more...


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