Does your National Federation has a value or has a price?

Does your National Federation has a value or has a price?

We live in times of crisis. Social crises, financial crises, moral crises, ethical crises and existential crises. Crisis of crises.

In electronic sports, many in the heat of the moment, and in the extreme need to have for themselves and their enterprise some financial and operational solution, punctual or for a medium time, ends up making decisions that are harmful, negative and destructive for the ecosystem of the electronic sport of its region, leaving a legacy of bad administrative mistakes, complete lack of standard and financial methodology and of business management, and total disengagement with the athlete and the ecosystem of the electronic sport that surrounds it, creating a "black hole" between the healthy, sustainable, responsible and profitable environment, and also in the loss of the formation of a better citizen having the esports as base and tool (as in any other category of sport). I wrote about these points more specifically in two other articles.

How valuable is your esports ecosystem? How valuable are your esports athletes? How valuable is the future of the entire category of esports in your region? Pay attention to the fact that I am talking about VALUE and not about PRICE! Its two completely different things.

Probably, if you stop and think, the value you give to your esports ecosystem and your athletes - and a whole policy of legislation and regulation and the creation of a complete and standardized and sustainable sports system (at least it should be) - is summed up in just a bunch of airline tickets, hotels and meals for the participation of your esports athletes in an annual competition event, and nothing else, giving you a price but not a value. Pay attention to the fact that if you accept that kind of things, you probably don’t have not even an athletes and teams valuation system for your esports ecosystem (like in football and other sports), and that means that it does not matter if this year those athletes are representing your country, because next year most of them will probably not even stay as esports athletes at all, it is just about a short adventure of the moment and nothing more. I am dealing here with the national federations and not with the private events that MUST, when possible and depending on the proposal and models of competitions, to provide, for most competitors, air support, accommodation and meals. Here again, I deal with the National Federations.

So, you mean your value is five or six flights, stay in a hotel for a few days, and food? Dear friend, you do not have a value, you have a price! And believe me: it’s very cheap!

And I completely understand that for some of you, this is almost a dream for the opportunity to provide some esports athletes, the experience of traveling to another country and compete for your country, this is something unique in their lives. But unfortunately, you're doing it for the WRONG motives and actions, in the WRONG way, and by doing so, teaching the WRONG LESSON and showing your sponsors bad things about you and how to deal with you and your esports ecosystem! You as a national federation and the international entity that provides it, both are completely wrong in having such an attitude.

There is also the false idea that you, by promoting these "counterparts" such as airfare, hotels and food once an year to go to certain esports competitions, you are "guaranteeing" in your country your leading position, showing not only your regional government , and your athletes, but especially to your "opponents" (other entities that also seek the title of National Federation), that you are the right choice and not “them”. Pure deception, pure error and pure acceptance of a cheap, tiny and useless indirect “bribery”. In fact, the only one favored in all this is the International Entity that is offering this as "currency of exchange" for its "loyalty" and participation in the ineffective, inefficient and corrupt esports system created only to promote this very entity and nothing else. But I want to make it clear that this is true in terms of professional esports, not educational (high school and university) or even the foment esports.

You should be committed to creating a responsible, solid, and trusted institutional and business environment, so that various investors and sponsors could provide you with the ability to manage and meet various of your own needs in a variety of areas including small and basic needs such as airfare, hotel stays, food, uniforms, training rooms and more for your esports athletes, creating a sustainable environment for your esports ecosystem. If you do not have it yet, it is because you are not able to create and show to investors and sponsors, that what you have at your national federation is indeed a REAL and CORRECT "Federation" (or association or confederation, use the name which it is used in your country), that is, an entity whose characteristics and purposes and infrastructure are ready to administer nationally a whole category of sports, a new category: esports (I wrote about what is needed to have in your infrastructure as a National Federation in a different article, maybe one year ago).

On the contrary, this "international entity" that offers you such things, should on the contrary, help you manage your business and your national federation, providing you with guidance and knowledge, and supporting you in your country with governmental authorities, thus creating a more responsible ecosystem and sustainable environment, giving you guidance to present and propose educational programs, social inclusion programs, esports law projects and regulation programs and much more.

This entity that "buys" you for such a small price, should provide you with all kinds of examples and documentation, instead of trying to keep you a “loyal member” with such stupid prizes, but teaching you that only in this transparent and good governance way can you be a recognized, legitimate and legalized entity in your country, leading everyone to a sustainable and responsible example of managing electronic sports environment (the institutional esports and not the private, of course).

It may seem cruel, it may seem cold, and that view may seem too negative, but it is the most straightforward, transparent and responsible view you can have, and certainly if you have not seen it that way or have not been presented to those facts by the " international entity" which you are part of, you are certainly in the wrong place, and you are doing wrong on your own and you will definitely never be the right "national federation" to be chosen from among your so called “opponents” in your own country.


It is time for you to decide: do you have or want to have a value or a price?

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