Ethics in Esports and Life

Ethics in Esports and Life

Ethics in sport, ethics in life, and ethics in management. The intuitive concept can be perceived by many, but in practice the concept of what is thought to be ethics is further away than we can imagine.

Not to mention what ethics in management means, which extends to various moments of life and becomes standard for our daily habits.

There is a huge difference between the sportsman and the player. One practices sport for the ethics and standards of living that add to the administrative ethics of both his life and his profession, sport. The other uses various artifices, especially psychological ones and commercial tactics, harmful to society, sport and fair, clean and cordial competition.

 For player:

  • The means justify the end
  • The judge's job is to know about the penalties I just play
  • win at any cost
  • It's cheating only if caught
  • Psychological warfare and verbal abuse are part of the game
  • Social media and social networks serve for personal attacks

For the athlete:

  • Teams and their members and coach follow specific rules for their category.
  • Responsibility for the real intent of my position in the e-Sport
  • Simple, clean and integrated image of me and my teammates
  • What doesn't work for me as a negative won't work for others.
  • Respect and responsibility are present in life so anywhere, anytime

Woe to him who, even unnoticed, practices one or several of these negative and destructive scores, described above, in relation to the player. Not to mention those that are not mentioned here but that are equally, or even more negative and destructive and disruptive.

Let's take, for example, the offenses in any match: "in the heat of the game anything goes, what I say there is only at that time, without real intention". So the mother who is offended is not a mother at that moment, or she ceases to be a mother for her good or ill will. What did she learn or should she have learned about upbringing or character does not exist at the time of playing? Just at the time, in the place where it should most be present?

So we can say that the game is justification for the faulty attitude, therefore the game is not a safe or good place to be good people, right? These justifications are certainly and logically human excuses viz and harmful both for electronic sport and for life, because here we are discussing something human flawed, because the game itself is mechanical, virtual and mathematical in its essence, but in simplicity it it's just that, virtual numbers and information. What makes this or that game what it is are the concepts and attitudes inherent in us, its users. But we judge the concept of ethics regarding education and harmful behavior based only on our emotions because even by logic there would be no justification for our unethical behavior, because we are the cause of a certain technical failure when we miss the objective that we would like to be achieved in a certain game or similar. Indeed, the lack of ethics is intrinsically linked to the most animal side of our humanity, and the behavior justified by something that we give up, in exchange for an excuse for the lack of ethics, is even more animal, because we believe in our own lie, in our fault and we intensify the permissiveness of this attitude of this behavior even more when we do so.

A man speaks for his deeds, his particular practices, and for the life he lives for himself and others. Be the man you want, but bear the consequences of your choices and experience day after day, without complaining or blaming others. But don't have the luxury of overthrowing those who are by your side for the acts they didn't choose but that will affect them indirectly and even directly coming from their private and wrong choices and not by their own choice.

Ethics is directly linked to conduct, also in the case of sports, for the good and healthy coexistence with other sports practitioners, for the simple fact of knowing that by the victory of others you will also grow because without the competitors, you will not be champion or winner in anything. , for nothing at any time. The only competition you will have is with yourself, without your fellow sportsmen on the other side, you will fight with yourself, and you will also end up losing.

Unfortunately " fair play " is altered and influenced by personal and commercial interests. But at the time nothing escapes and in the end everyone ends up paying right here for the attitudes and decisions taken for themselves and for others, even if indirectly.

We will discuss in other articles, for example, about game negotiation practices, athlete negotiation and other aspects of these practices that are also included in the ethics of sport.

Play fair with yourself, who will play lipo with everyone around you. Fair Play always, ethics and correct conduct always!

Let's not forget our lexicon:

Ethics: 1 Part of Philosophy that studies moral values ​​and ideal principles of human conduct. It is normative science that underpins practical philosophy. 2 Set of moral principles that must be observed in the exercise of a profession; deontology. 3 practical part of social philosophy, which indicates the norms to which the relations between the different members of society must conform.

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