Meet Daniel "龙哥" Cossi. A bold entrepreneur, persistent, disciplined determined, passionet and visionary.

Regions where were developed projets and entrepreneurships
South America
North America
Seeing Beyond His Time. Visionary.
Trilogy Tolkien
The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit Trilogy Movies - Licensing and Products Concept

He started his career as an entrepreneur prior to his computer science training. having a master in artifical intelligence in the 90s, he was already a businessman in the technology area creating his first date center (GNC) and providing internet services at the same time (had a quick passage as owner of holistic medical clinics (Lowth) and expanded its business area by creating an internet marketing management company (wda). still in the 90s created intellectual property, brands and patents company (DCC), and expanded this with the creation of another company in the area of licensing and
merchandising (GNConsulting).

At that time, he was a partner in a Risk Management Company (NGO) where he created business, financial, operational and risk management models for several different financial institutions in addition to creating financial security standards. Commercial and Labour Law Office, Financial Management Office and other companies started to be founded and the businesses just kept on growing and getting bigger.

In 1996 he founded the Brazilian Tolkien Society, a non profit organization that aims to propagate the works of British writer JRR Tolkien and use his creation to bring education, humanitarian values and culture to various participants, and he is hired as a consultant to Warner Bros Brazil and New Line Cinema, for the cinematic trilogy The Lord of the Rings and later The Hobbit In addition to being a consultant, he was a Portuguese language translation reviewer for the cinematographic work, trailers, and was the designer and responsible. 

TV Show - Battle of Startups
TV Show - The Battle of Startups, broadcasted nationally in Brasil

From 2017 to 2021 Daniel Cossi has been a invited Key Note Speaker and Debate Moderator for 3 of the major events in Brazil and worldwide. Always talking about electronic sports, technology security in the transactions, and how all the themes interact to each other. Highlighting the importance of the activity within the scope of the Olympics. "Several private leagues are spreading and this wi ll be very important in the future, by expanding the presence of these modalities to the world society," he said. And connecting the Esports with Casinos and Betting not to mention Fantasy Games.

Speaker for Gaming and Casinos
Speaker in Casinos, Betting and Fantasy Game Evetns
Speaker at events about betting, casinos and esports related to those areas.
Electronic sport, and its standardization. National and International Federations.
WCA 2016
WCA - World Cyber Games 2016-2018

In 2010 began a process of market research in the still new electronic sport, better known at the time as electronic games. Upon completion of the marketing study both in Brazil and around the world, he saw that the opportunity to generate standards and legislation of this category, as well as its recognition in various national and international areas would then be a necessity within a few years. The first actions were the creation of a women's esports team, and the creation of the National Electronic Sports League (at level  Brazil and the world). Promoting small competitions initially, and later negotiating representation and operation as CEO of an International Championship with finals and headquarters in China, the well known World Cyber Arena (WCA) between 2015 and 2018. In 2015 drafted together with São Paulo State Parliamentary, a State Bill for the recognition of electronic sport as a regular sport category and its practitioners as regular athletes.

In 2015 he created the current CBDEL Brazilian Confederation of Electronic Sports, and began his career as a speaker, lecturer and international debater on electronic sports, the Olympic movement and Olympism, education, social inclusion and regulation, legislation and recognition of electronic sports. In 2016, he closed the first international partnership with China's national government, and its Ministry of Sport and the Ministry of Culture for the development of the electronic sport and cooperation between Brazil and China. Also in 2016, he lectured in China in many cities in 6 different provinces. In Jakarta he gave a youth lecture on electronic sport, and later that year he went to Macau where he gave a speech at the anniversary ceremony of the Macao Reconquest of China, also on electronic sport.Since then he has lectured in dozens of countries, to governments, private events and various sports institutions.

Xiamen China 2016
2016 Ceremony between CBDEL and Minister of Sports of China

Daniel Cossi has been invited to become the General Director of the MASTERS and MBA Esports Course of the University of Catalunya / EUNCET Business School. The course is the first in the world to have a certification official to the European Educational System and for the Commonwealth. WESCO has partnered to offer his full know how and share it’s own esports university course to implement Euncet Master and MBA course.

The purpose of the online master's degree in Global eSports Management is to train and prepare professionals to correctly attend to the management needs of activities and relationships linked to the eSports sector, which has a clear growing demand. Thus, the maxim of the online master's degree is to turn students into specialists in this new sector, trained to manage different types of companies and operating entities in the activity, from video game developers themselves to clubs and players, creators and promoters. And the whole Esports scosystem.

Euncet Business School
MBA in Esports at the Euncet Business School - University of Catalunia
General Director of the Masters MBA in Esports at University of Catalunya and Euncet Business School.
Here is a resume
of the enterprises, new job positions. and organizations founded since 2015

Both organizations founded in 2016.

China Electronic Chamber of Commerce

Partner and membership since 2018.

Casinos in Macau and Esports

Representative for the esports until 2026.

Indian Gaming Esports Association

MOU for their Esports and Casinos.

Amateur Esports union

MOU for their Esports and Virtual Sports.

International Esports Federation

VP and Board Member since 2020.

African Confederation of Digital Sports

First Presidential Advisor since 2023.

China Audio-video and Digital Publishing Association

Partner and membership since 2023.

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