Other Projects

Annual repetitive projects developed over the years, in digital sports, innovation education and social inclusion programs and other areas.



WESCO's "Changing the People, Changing the World", educational project through Digital Sports.

  • Reverse Gamification
  • Inclusion
  • Education
Digital Economy Alliance

Digital Economy Alliance

D50 Global Digital Economy Alliance, an initiative from CECC and WESCO bringing countries from all over the world.

  • Digital Economy
  • Technology Develpoment
  • Electronic Commerce
Esports Regulatory Congress

Esports Regulatory Congress

Annual meeting to discuss the recognition and regulatory aspects, legislation and standardization of the digital sports.

  • Regulation
  • Legislation
  • Standardization
Global Digital Games

Global Digital Games

WESCO's Global Digital Games and Regional Games in Digital Sports promoted every year within partner cities and countries.

  • Virtual Sports
  • Simulated Sports
  • Esports Core

I create the present based in a future to create a better citizen.

Daniel Cossi

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