Olympic Committee Intriguing Decision

Olympic Committee Intriguing Decision

Do you ever feel that you would like to gain control over your life? Do you ever feel depressed due to emotional conflicts? Do you admire those who are happy all the time and bring happiness to the people around them? Once you realize the nature of your mind, all of this will be remedied.

Excellence, respect and friendship, the 'Values of Olympism'. Combine to these values: equality, determination, inspiration and courage, we have the the 'Olympic Values'. In theory, in the semantics used by the textual concept of romantic writing, and in the narrative of several lectures shouted with lungs full of air, inhaled with deep and almost divine inspiration, there are precepts, ethical and moral values that induce us to perfect the momentum, where we find ourselves in a protected place, under the tutelage of people aware of these values and their literal and much-needed meanings. However, as in many moments of different situations in our daily life, the practice is relevantly adverse to the real meaning of these values, which must be applied not only by those who participate in the Olympic Movement, but above all in the day to day of our lives in any actions of our daily duties, whether or not we are practical participants in the Olympic Movement, but even as observers and fans of the Olympic Movement and its Olympic Games, with their athletes and delegations, we are indirectly part of this ecosystem. But at what price must we sacrifice the reality of what really happens to us, at all levels of experience we have, such as in business and enterprise, in order for this to be put into practice? To make it our reality? On its website, the Olympic Movement, led and Intellectually and Operationally guarded by the International Olympic Committee, has written about the Values of Olympism: “...They constitute the basis on which the Olympic Movement builds its activities to promote sport, culture and education with a view to building a better world.... ... The original Values of Olympism expressed in the Olympic Charter were “encouraging effort”, “preserving human dignity” and “developing harmony”. Over time they have evolved and are now expressed in more contemporary terms such as: Pursuing excellence and encouraging people to be the best they can be. Celebrating friendship, which is unique to the Olympic Games – an event that brings people together every few years. Show respect in many different ways: respect for yourself, the rules, your opponents, the environment, the public, etc... ... Olympism is a philosophy of life, exalting and combining in a balanced whole the qualities of body, will and mind. Mixing sport with culture and education, Olympism seeks to create a lifestyle based on the joy of effort, the educational value of good example and respect for universal fundamental ethical principles. The objective of the Olympic Movement is to contribute to the construction of a peaceful and better world, educating young people through sport practiced without discrimination of any kind and in the Olympic spirit, which requires mutual understanding with a spirit of friendship, solidarity and fair play...” Show respect in many different ways: respect for yourself, the rules, your opponents, the environment, the public, etc We must believe that these precepts inherent in the Olympic Charter are the guiding beacon of light, for all the actions of the Olympic Movement, the Olympic Competitions, and from the International Olympic Committee that safeguards and represents these actions and demands from its Continental Olympic Bodies to be the same protector and promoter of these same Olympism Values. Believing in these points, it is important to be aware of the total lack of memory, real application of those values and compliance with the same Values of Olympism, and the Values of the Olympic Movement, which literally tear in peaces the Olympic Charter, in a way it happens when Continental Olympic Committees such as PANAM SPORTS OLYMPIC (PSO) and EUROPEAN OLYMPIC COMMITTEE (EOC), do in inattention, negative and malevolent disruption, - and by doing that they are spreading disinformation directly through its unilateral attitude and partisan choice - when choosing a so-called “esports international entity, founded in 2019" (by the way  with zero experience in esports events, no internal regulation, statute, no infrastructure, no Legal and regularly formed by committees through internal regulations, and total lack of transparency ), and start to work promoting esports in the Americas and Europe in "strategic partnerships"? And indirectly PANAM and EUROPEAN Olympic committees, are supporting a huge mistake, as I explained above, spread FAKE NEWs, negative disruption and internal national fights tearing in peaces the Values of Olympism. Through this "strategic partnership", PANAM SPORTS OLYMPIC (PSO) and EUROPEAN OLYMPIC COMMITTEE (EOC), support this "esports international entity, founded in 2019", to spread nationally and regionally, the false statement (therefore disinformation and fake news ), that they are the ones “duly sworn in” to carry out competitive actions, within the scope of esports, exclusively for this action arising from the wrong choice, inappropriate and totally outside the context of Olympic Values, made by the entities PANAM SPORTS OLYMPIC (PSO) and EUROPEAN OLYMPIC COMMITTEE (EOC), in favor and exclusively to the “esports international entity, founded in 2019”, when there is no international understanding, however late and due, of who is the entity to represent the institutional esports administratively in an international level, as it is done with several regular sports such as football, basketball and so on. Here comes the golden questoin: "What criteria led Panam Sports Olympic (PSO) and European Olympic Committee (EOC) to choose one entity over the other? Why they never answerd the call from the other international esports entity before, older and wiser if I may say so, and it get worst: why they never answered the call from the continental esports govern body in American (PAMESCO) nor in Europe (EEF), after so many years trying to do so and present the institutional esports?". I am going to ask it again later in the article. The minimum expected from an entity whose actions are directly linked to the International Olympic Committee (IOC), such as PANAM SPORTS OLYMPIC (PSO) and EUROPEAN OLYMPIC COMMITTEE (EOC), would be neutrality and independent promotion of the esports, if that were the real internal intention for the regions, which we think it should be:"to promote this new category, with due technical, sporting, political and social guidance from its parent organization: the International Olympic Committee and above all to add to esports VALUE OF OLYMPISM and VALUES OF OLYMPIC MOVEMENT, guiding, being the example to be followed. Unfortunetely it is the clear that the opposite is the example, and it should not be followed. Mr. Pierre de Coubertin must be really disappointed wherever he is now, in fact I think he is disappointed for many reason and not only this one, but this is another conversation. The institutional ecosystem of esports, at first and specifically the federative model (institutional esports), in any scope, has been built with great difficulty for several reasons that we would not be able to discuss here, but which have certainly already been discussed in other articles that I wrote myself, in addition to debates. and various forums in which I participated in different places around the world. This ecosystem is fragile, for reasons already known, and mainly for two reasons: 1) education and experience, and 2) for technical and political reason. More specifically when dealing with national entities that aim to be administrators of the category in their own countries. For the first item, the education and experience, people linked to the federative model, for the most part, are inexperienced in the scope of administrative and operational management, even more so when dealing with these two areas in the national and international institutional sports system, and their lack of expertise and knowledge of the international administrative pyramid chain, in addition to the lack of financial support and infrastructure in management and operational models, leads them to follow crooked and incorrect paths in their decisions, partly because of this lack of education and experience in sports management systems, and partly because of the lack of someone to educate them, which in this case should be the international and continental entity to which these national entities belong. On the other hand for the second item, technical and political reasons, in countries where there is a constitutional guarantee of freedom of association to whatever national entities of sports, and the non-mandatory prerogative of non-interference by governmental entities in the free practice of sport, always constitutionally guaranteed, the rights of each citizen to associate or not to administrative class entities, including the national administrative bodies of sports, as explained before, and also the free practice of sports without the need to obtain indicative permission from the government. Brazil is such a case. In other governments, this choice of the national administrative sports body, is the sole and exclusive responsibility of the government, as in the case of Mexico, to the detriment of the Mexican Olympic Committee itself, and in other countries, the government follows the indication of the entity arising from the appointment made by the National Olympic Committee. In Europe we have the same situation. Many American and European countries still have two or more national entities that are affiliated to one or another esports international federation, as national governing bodies, but with enormous and significant differences, whether at an administrative or at a legal documentary level, but especially when promoting the practice of esports, social projects and educational in its country. So we may have different national federations in many countries, but we know who is who by their actions in their countries, and that reflects directly in the international federations they are affiliated to. The fact that the criteria of affiliation used by an esports international federation, when choosing national entities, made by international entities, should in advance, take into account their years of practical life and other extremely important factors when investigating these same national entities, in addition to their legal documents, in particular the compliance of what bilateral support and recognition and friendship treaties, these national entities have for themselves, coming from other sports entities and from other organizations from different areas. The fact is that instead of promoting any of the Olympic Values, the attitude of choosing to work with a this "esports international entity, founded in 2019", as done by PANAM SPORTS OLYMPIC (PSO) and EUROPEAN OLYMPIC COMMITTEE (EOC), is totally negative and adverse to the good administrative behavior that is expected of such an entities, because at the national level in the Americas and Europe, as said before, it causes disruption where we should have friendship, it causes disinformation where we should educate, it causes fights where we should have respect, negative comparisons where we should have inspiration, it causes disappointment where we should have inspiration, it causes war where we should have the promotion of a peaceful world, and above all it causes discrimination, where we should have the opposite of that. All consequences, exactly by promoting the opposite what we have in the Olympic Charter, as stated eleven paragraphs above using the excerpt coming from the International Olympic Committee's own website. In this “game” made by PANAM SPORTS OLYMPIC (PSO) and EUROPEN OLYMPIC COMMITTEE (EOC), the fair play was replaced by a behavior that was contrary to any precepts of good Olympic behaviour, leaving us to question the motivations, bases and parameters, the criterias, that made them to partner with this "esports international entity, founded in 2019", to the detriment of the so many others (PAMESCO, EEF, and abobve all the international IESF), that for many years have tried to dialogue with PANAM SPORTS OLYMPIC (PSO) and EUROPEAN OLYMPIC COMMITTEE (EOC), without any success, or even the slightest initial possibility of a dialogue. If by political and management influence, made through the "friendships" of former work partners, as we know there is a very strong possibility, whether for financial reasons, this generates an unprecedented conflict of interests, a shame in the current reality of our daily life, where we seek more than ever, compliance in administrative management, and its practice and application through transparency, rectitude and honesty. In fact, to promote this choice of such this "esports international entity, founded in 2019", arising from this misplaced and erroneous decision, in relation to the current moment of institutional esports, made by PANAM SPORTS OLYMPIC (PSO) and EUROPEAN OLYMPIC COMMITTEE (EOC), to the detriment of another, older, wiser experienced international esports entity, or even the continental entities such as PAMESCO and EFF - that has been operating in the Americas and Europe for at least six years in the case of the american region - they allow some of these national bodies, that belong to this "esports international entity, founded in 2019", to do exactly the opposite of the Values of Olympism and presented in the Olympic Charter, in their countries, and jeopardize the work of many national entities, which are not part of this said "esports international entity, founded in 2019". Other national federations from the older esports international federation for instance, they have been doing their work for years, in an exemplary way, promoting even more than the very Values of Olympism, as in the case of Brazil with CBDEL (affiliated to IESF, WESCO and PAMESCO), as well as many other countries, and which has in its primacy the responsibility of preserving athletes and teams that belong to their systems. We even got the information that in a meeting held on November 9, 2022, between PANAM SPORTS OLYMPIC (PSO) and this “international esports entity founded in 2019”, through witnesses participating in that meeting and video of that meeting, that there was a DIRECT recommendation for the National Olympic Committees of the American Continent, to found or form national entities or organizations, to promote the activities arising from this partnership, especially for the year 2023, if these countries did not have national esports members affiliated to that “international esports entity founded in 2019”. Although this is technically and legally impossible, in some countries like Brazil, this is an unscrupulous, immoral and unworthy attitude of the International Olympic Movement, represented by the PANAM SPORTS, totally against what we believe, as already demonstrated here through the Olympic Charter and Values of Olympism, which the International Olympic Committee cherishes and asserts in its day-to-day activities in front of the whole world. Such an attitude has immeasurable negative consequences, at unprecedented Legal, social and educational levels. This is a tremendous dangerous and awful situation to possibly promoting the wrong national entities just because en event, instead of the right national entities, and probably those other entities may have been doing NOTHING in their past (most of the national federations part of this "esports international entity, founded in 2019"), most of them founded recently, literally doing nothing concerning their real responsibility in education, innovation, social inclusion and promoting excellence in institutional (federative) esports , and by the way, some of those entities, may even be doing the complete opposite. The non-observance of details so intrinsic to ethics and morals in the practice of good administration, and the example to be set by entities such as PANAM SPORTS OLYMPIC and EUROPEAN OLYMPIC COMMITTEE, leaves us with several questions, as we already did three paragraphs above, and leads us to have less confidence in the management of sports bodies at that level, without losing faith in the Olympic Movement and its values, which were and still are examples of what humanity has to offer. I know that most often, the best way to make oneself perceived and understood is silence, and that we must show what we want to be, just through our work. But while the forgotten side, the esports international federation (IESF) nor continental esports confederations (PAMESCO and EEF), those not chosen in the Americas by PANAM SPORTS OYMPIC (PSO), and Europe by EUROPEAN OLYMPIC COMMITTEE (EOC), remains silent. I believe I have a duty to bring the facts here as they are due, real and correct. 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