Foundation of African Confederation of Digital Sports

Foundation of African Confederation of Digital Sports

Morocco becomes the HUB of Digital Sports in Africa. The momentous occasion brought together leaders representing recognised federations and associations from various African countries. The inaugural meeting convened to discuss the establishment of the African Confederation of Digital Sports and chart a collective path towards advancing esports in Africa. A total of 41 countries, including Morocco, Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria and Uganda, among others, were among the pioneering nations present at this significant event.

Following the election of Mr. Hicham EL KHLIFI as the head of ACDS during the Constitutive General Assembly, and the Executive Committee, the African Confederation of Digital Sports (ACDS) made progress towards its digital sports goals in Africa with a successful first meeting of its Executive Committee. During the meeting, the ACDS signed strategic partnership agreements with the support and recognition by the continental confederations and renowned stakeholders in the global digital sports industry, and governmental representatives such as Mr. Thiago Borges officially representing the Brazilian Gover, and Ministers of Morocco, under the sanction of  Your Highness King Mohamed VI of Morocco.

AESF Chief Operating Officer, Mr. Steve Kim, was invited to deliver a congratulatory message virtually at the meeting. Mr. Kim expressed his heartfelt support to the ACDS and commended their initiative in promoting digital sports and fostering the growth of Esports in Africa. He congratulated King Muhammad VI of Morocco for his enlightened vision and commitment to African youth, as well as the Moroccan government for their invaluable support in advancing the development of Esports in the region. Furthermore, he extended his congratulations to the 41 African countries participating in the meeting.

PAMESCO President, MR. Alexander Ospina, was also present and signed the first MOU to cooperate and recognize bilaterally ACDS as the governing body for the African Continent.

China Electronic Commerce Chamber (CECC) Secretary General, Mr. Peng, presenta at the meeting signed another MOU with ACDS to promote partnershipp through WESCO's Network to bring new opportunities to Morocco and African Continent,  as well as representatives of University of Madri, Euncet Business School, Mr. Daniel Cordoba brought the WESCO Euncet's MBA Esports to ACDS and each one of the African member countries. Mr. Rui Alexandre, VP of Europe Region of WESCO was present supporting and giving the European recognition from WESCO part and engaging with Portuguese speaking countries of Africa.

CEO and Chairmn of WESCO, Mr. Daniel Cossi, president of CBDEL (Brazilian Confederation of Esports) and a close partner of AESF, was elected as the First Presidential Advisor of ACDS. The Presidential Advisory Board will also include prominent individuals from the digital sports and other relevant fields. 

The primary goal of the African Confederation of Digital Sports is to foster the development and growth of the digital sports ecosystem throughout the African continent. By uniting the national governing bodies for digital sports from every African country, the ACDS aims to create a robust and dynamic environment that engages stakeholders in the video gaming industry, including governments, companies, associations, and athletes.

Through collective efforts and collaboration, the ACDS seeks to establish a sustainable and thriving ecosystem for digital sports and video gaming in Africa. This ambitious vision entails nurturing talent, promoting inclusivity, facilitating technological advancements, and providing a platform for African esports athletes to showcase their skills on a global stage.

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